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Welcome to the Account Ant!

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my website! Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I'm Donnelle and I am a Bookkeeper with a big secret... I'm also a musician! Some people might tell you that music and accounting are worlds apart, but I'm here to tell you they aren't!

I've spent 15 years running my own business. Chasing up debtors, making sure my books balance and my invoices are sent on time, and most of all, trying to save myself the most money possible at tax time. My industry knowledge makes me the perfect choice to be your accountant too!

Whatever your needs are, I can help out. I cater to:

- small business owners

- sole traders

- artists and musicians

- I also do personal tax returns!

That's why I've called my business the Account Ant. I may be small but I can do the heavy lifting needed for your business!

This may be the first you have heard of me, but it won't be the last! Sign up to my newsletter below and I'll leave you a gift in your inbox from time to time

Until then, stay nerdy

The Account Ant

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