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Is the CashRewards app worth it?

Cash Rewards is a shopping app that gives you cash back on purchases. It is an attractive offer, but it could be too good to be true. These apps aim to change your purchasing behaviour with the promise of cash back, which may actually incentivise you to spend more money, when your goal may be to save. Let's look into it.


What is Cashrewards?

Cashrewards stands as an Australian cashback platform, boasting a membership exceeding 2 million individuals. The platform collaborates with a vast array of over 2000 sellers, which include prominent names such as Apple, Amazon, Myer, Liquorland, Adidas, Bonds, Target,, and The Iconic.

How does Cashrewards work?

To start using Cashrewards journey, you first ahve to sign up and link your card. Then you shop the marketplace using their app, and any cashback is stored on the app ntil you withdraw it into your bank account. Whilst you can use it in store, using the app is probably easier.

How does Cashrewards make money?

The partnered stores pay Cashrewards a commission for eligible purchases made through their platform. Cashrewards subsequently shares that commission with users as cashback—real money that they can spend as they wish. To earn cashback online, individuals can simply click through the Cashrewards website, app, or install the Cashrewards Notifier before commencing their shopping experience.

How do I sign up for Cashrewards?

To sign up for Cash Rewards, you will need to take the following steps:

  1. Download the app

  2. Create an account (for this you will need a verified mobile number and postcode)

From there you can shop on the online marketplace, but make sure you cross check prices online first!

Is Cash Rewards worth it?

Whether Cash Rewards are worth it depends on various factors, including your spending habits, the terms and conditions of the rewards program, and your financial goals. Here are some considerations to help you determine if Cash Rewards are worth pursuing:

1. Spending Habits

Assess how much you typically spend on the types of purchases that are eligible for cash rewards. If you frequently make purchases in categories covered by the rewards program (such as groceries, gas, dining, etc.), you stand to benefit more.

2. Rewards Structure

Examine the rewards structure of the program. Some programs offer a flat cashback rate on all purchases, while others may have tiered rewards or bonus categories. Choose a program that aligns with your spending patterns.

3. Fees and Conditions

Be aware of any fees associated with the cash rewards program, such as annual fees or transaction fees. Additionally, understand the conditions for earning and redeeming rewards. Some programs may have restrictions or expiration dates.

4. Redemption Options

Consider the flexibility and variety of redemption options. Some programs allow you to redeem cash as a statement credit, direct deposit, or for gift cards. Evaluate which redemption option provides the most value for you.

5. Interest Rates (for Credit Card Rewards)

If you're considering a credit card with cashback rewards, be mindful of the card's interest rates. If you carry a balance, the interest charges may outweigh the benefits of the cash rewards.

6. Consistency of Rewards

Check if the rewards program consistently delivers value over time. Some programs may offer attractive sign-up bonuses but might have less appealing ongoing rewards.

7. Compare with Other Options

Compare the cash rewards program with alternative options, such as other credit cards, loyalty programs, or discount offers. Determine which option aligns best with your preferences and financial goals.

8. Financial Discipline

Cashrewards can be valuable, but they are most beneficial when you maintain financial discipline. Avoid overspending or carrying high balances on credit cards just to earn rewards, as interest charges can offset the benefits.

In summary, Cash Rewards can be worthwhile if you choose a program that aligns with your spending habits and financial goals. Carefully read the terms and conditions, consider the rewards structure, and assess whether the overall value justifies any associated costs or fees.

Is Cashrewards safe?

Yes, Cash Rewards programs are generally safe, although it's important to be aware that they may collect and use your data. The safety of these programs relies on reputable providers adhering to strict security measures to protect your personal and financial information. When participating in Cash Rewards, ensure that you review the privacy policy of the specific program to understand how your data will be handled. Reputable programs use encryption and secure protocols to safeguard your information. While the collection of data is a common practice for these programs to tailor rewards and improve services, cautious users can mitigate risks by being selective about the programs they join and regularly monitoring their accounts for any suspicious activity. Overall, responsible use and awareness of privacy practices contribute to a secure experience with Cash Rewards programs.

Where can I use Cashrewards?

Cash Rewards has over 1700 stores, including some large notable retailers like Chemist Warehouse and Big W. For a full list check their website here.

Is Cashrewards or Shopback better?

Short answer, Cashrewards is slightly better.

Cashrewards: Cashrewards offers cashback for both online and in-store purchases, covering a wide range of retailers, cafes, restaurants, hotels, car hire companies, and airlines. The cashback percentage varies by retailer, with examples like 5% back on Ikea purchases over $150 or 10% at TerryWhite Chemmart with no minimum spend. Users can withdraw cash rewards into their bank or PayPal account once they reach $10.01.

ShopBack: ShopBack focuses on online purchases, offering cashback at around 800 brands. Users can save on various brands, such as up to 15% off Amazon Selected Essentials Brands or $10 cashback on UberEats. ShopBack's cash rebate can be used for more shopping on the platform or transferred to a bank account once the minimum of $10 confirmed cashback is reached.

Cost: Both platforms are free to join, and there are no ongoing fees. They provide apps for convenient shopping on the go.

Tips and Traps: Cashback processing times differ; for example, Cashrewards may take up to seven days for cashbacks to hit the account and up to 100 days to reach the bank account. ShopBack's cashbacks are usually noted within 48 hours but may take up to 120 days to appear in the bank account. Ad-blocker users on ShopBack need to disable the software during shopping sessions for proper cashback tracking.

Comparison: The article provides a comparison between Cashrewards and ShopBack, showcasing a selection of items and cashback amounts for each platform. While the overall savings are generally around 5%, short-term specials and specific brands may influence the better value for individual shopping styles.

In conclusion, the flexibility to sign up for multiple cashback services allows users to maximize savings, with Cashrewards having an edge for in-store cashback options.

Is Cashrewards a scam?

Cashrewards is a legit site, however, they do have sme inconsistencies in pricing. Prices on the Cashrewards portal can be higher than retail, accounting for the cashback amount and meaning you are not savgin money at all. This is pretty standard practise in retail. I used to work for a reatiler that would put their prices up a few weeks befreo black friday so they could look like they had massive sale discounts. Be aware and shop around before being enticed by large cash back offers on Cashrewards.

Cash Rewards Review: The Bottom Line

Cashrewards can be a good tool for rewarding your regular spending, but be careful not to spend more money than you normally would, and make sure you price match to not be taken advantage of.

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