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All About Rocket Mortgage

Rocket Mortgage is an online mortgage lending platform and a subsidiary of Quicken Loans. It was introduced in 2015 and quickly gained popularity for its innovative and streamlined approach to the mortgage application and approval process. Rocket Mortgage aims to make the home buying and refinancing experience faster, easier, and more transparent for consumers. Whilst Quicken Loans have arrived in Australia, Rocket Mortgage has not yet hit our shores

Rocket Mortgage has been making waves in the American financial industry since its introduction in 2015. Promising a faster, easier, and more convenient mortgage application process, it has garnered considerable attention and popularity. In this critical review, we will take an in-depth look at Rocket Mortgage, analyzing its strengths and potential drawbacks to help borrowers make informed decisions about their mortgage needs.

The key features and benefits of Rocket Mortgage include:

Online Application Process: Rocket Mortgage enables borrowers to complete the entire mortgage application process online. This includes submitting necessary documents, such as income verification and bank statements, without the need for physical paperwork or visits to a bank branch.

Quick Approval: The platform's advanced technology allows for real-time verification of borrower information, leading to faster application processing and approval times. In some cases, borrowers may receive mortgage approval within minutes.

Personalized Loan Options: Rocket Mortgage offers a wide range of mortgage products, including conventional loans, FHA loans, VA loans, jumbo loans, and more. The platform tailors loan options based on the borrower's financial situation and creditworthiness.

Transparent Pricing: Rocket Mortgage provides borrowers with clear and transparent pricing information, including interest rates and closing costs. This allows borrowers to compare different loan options and make informed decisions.

Mobile Accessibility: Rocket Mortgage's mobile app allows borrowers to complete the application process and track the progress of their mortgage from their smartphones or tablets, adding to the convenience and accessibility of the platform.

Integration with Quicken Loans: Rocket Mortgage is an extension of Quicken Loans, one of the largest mortgage lenders in the United States. The platform benefits from Quicken Loans' vast resources and expertise in the mortgage industry.

Strong Customer Support: Rocket Mortgage offers customer support through various channels, including phone, email, and live chat, to assist borrowers throughout the mortgage application and approval process.

It is essential to note that while Rocket Mortgage offers a user-friendly and efficient platform, borrowers should carefully review all terms and conditions before committing to a mortgage. Like any mortgage lender, borrowers should consider factors such as interest rates, loan terms, closing costs, and potential prepayment penalties to ensure that the mortgage aligns with their long-term financial goals.

Overall, Rocket Mortgage has transformed the traditional mortgage lending process by leveraging technology and automation to provide a more accessible and efficient experience for borrowers seeking to purchase or refinance their homes.

The Advantages of Rocket Mortgage

Rocket Mortage is an online lender, similar to Pepper. While we don't have it here yet, I thought it was worth taking a look at this style of lending. If I'm honest, it was rising in Google Trends and I was curious, ok!

Online Convenience

One of the primary advantages of Rocket Mortgage is its fully online application process. Borrowers can complete their mortgage applications, submit necessary documents, and track the progress of their loan from the comfort of their homes. This convenience eliminates the need for physical paperwork and visits to brick-and-mortar institutions, making it an attractive option for tech-savvy borrowers.

Speedy Approval Process

Rocket Mortgage's advanced technology and data-driven underwriting enable borrowers to receive mortgage approvals in a matter of minutes in some cases. This rapid approval process can be beneficial for those looking to secure a mortgage quickly, especially in competitive real estate markets.

Variety of Mortgage Products

The platform offers a wide range of mortgage products, including conventional loans, FHA loans, VA loans, jumbo loans, and more. Borrowers have access to various loan options tailored to their specific financial situations, increasing the chances of finding a suitable mortgage that aligns with their needs.

Transparent Pricing

Rocket Mortgage strives to provide transparent pricing, displaying interest rates, closing costs, and other fees upfront. This level of transparency allows borrowers to compare different loan options and better understand the total cost of their mortgage, promoting informed decision-making.

The Downside of Rocket Mortgage

So, if online mortgages take away the legwork, what else does it take away? What are the downsides?

Limited Personal Interaction

While the online application process offers convenience, it lacks the personal touch and guidance that some borrowers may desire, particularly first-time homebuyers or those unfamiliar with the mortgage process. Some borrowers may prefer the reassurance of speaking with a mortgage professional face-to-face or over the phone.

Potential Higher Costs

Despite the promise of transparency, some borrowers have reported higher closing costs and interest rates with Rocket Mortgage compared to traditional lenders. The platform's convenience may come at a price, and borrowers should carefully compare costs across different lenders before committing to a mortgage.

Credit Score Impact

Rocket Mortgage, like any mortgage lender, conducts a credit check during the application process. Multiple credit inquiries within a short period can potentially lower the borrower's credit score. While the impact is usually minimal, it is a consideration for those seeking the best possible credit rating.

Limited Mortgage Options for Unique Situations

While Rocket Mortgage offers a variety of mortgage products, it may not be the best fit for borrowers with unique financial situations or complex needs. Some borrowers may require specialized loan programs or assistance from a lender with expertise in niche markets.

Complaints about Rocket Mortgage

Interested in what customers have experienced about Rocket Mortgage? Here's what people are saying.

Customer Support Concerns

Several users have expressed concerns about the level of customer support provided by Rocket Mortgage. While the platform offers various support channels, some borrowers have reported challenges in getting timely responses to their queries or resolving issues efficiently.

Data Privacy and Security

As an online platform, Rocket Mortgage collects and stores sensitive personal and financial data from borrowers. While the company claims to prioritize data security, some borrowers may still have reservations about the potential risks of sharing their information online.


Rocket Mortgage has undoubtedly disrupted the mortgage lending industry with its online convenience, rapid approval process, and transparent pricing. It appeals to tech-savvy borrowers seeking a digital and streamlined experience. However, it is essential to weigh the advantages against the potential drawbacks.

As much as it seems like a good idea to try something new, the collapse of several fintechs over the years have shown us that you need somewhere safe to park your money, especially when it comes it housing. If Rocket Mortgage comes to Australian, babe, that ain't it.

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